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Our Value

Our Value

Welcome to Numeric Vision

The Company, its people, its future. The About Numeric Vision section of this website provides a general overview of the Company. Take a moment to explore career opportunities throughout the country and around the world in our Careers section.

Get a sense of the unique environment and culture that is Numeric Vision, a community of people who strive to deliver the best Intelligent Video Scene Analysis systems to small and middle sized business to airports and public institutions.
Improve the surveillance quality by exeeding your requirements.

Explore our emerging technologies in our Research & Development section. Breaking news, press coverage, financial information, and more are a few of the things you can find in our About Numeric Vision section.

If You Have The Power To Improve Your Environnement, Do It.

Numeric Vision’s mission is to improve the quality of surveillance and the productivity video delivery through the development and advocacy of intelligent systems and new technologies.
  • The company is dedicated to less-invasive systems.
  • Provide Intelligent Video Scene Analysis Technology (IVSA)
  • Access Control
  • Design, Install and Maintain Systems
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Technical Certifications
  • Alarm Management

Intelligente Video Scene Analysis

If your are looking for a new and more effective way to manage your security from one single point and take your business to the next level, then you are right for Numeric Vision and Numeric Vision is probably right for you.