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Scene Analysis IVSA

Scene Analysis IVSA

Systems Limitations
Nowadays, the videosurveillance systems have reached their limits :
  • Costly.
    Require a lot of human resources.
  • Falses alarmes.
    Can be up to 75% for certain sites.
  • Too much data.
    It's difficult to find relevant information.
  • Missed Events.
    Real threat are not taken into account du to Human errors.

The NUMERIC VISION's intelligent technology, IVSA Intelligent Video Scene Analysis , offers a great improvement for the videosurveillance systems:
  • Enables user-defined event and alarm settings for each camera>
  • Remote Client allows full distributed system access regardless of location.
  • Powerful search tools offer an instantaneous method of searching and locating incident video captured by digital video recorders and network video recorders. By combining user-friendly smart indexing with interactive retrieval tools, Active Alert enables rapid search, review and filtering of selected video incidents.
  • Flexible query system allows the user to specify a combination of alarm or event types, object types or cameras, within any target time range.
  • Significantly expands video storage capacity.
  • Greatly increases event detection accuracy while virtually eliminating false alarms.
  • Vastly improves video effectiveness while reducing total cost of ownership.


Intrusion Detection Intrusion Detection
It allow lines to be set in a cameras field of view to allow for monitoring complex areas with perspective, to raise an alarm only if a line is crossed and the line break is of a certain size and in a certain direction of travel.
Zone Control Zone Control
The system raises an alert and make the different when a vehicle, a person or an object is entering or exiting a the specified zone.
Loitering Loitering
This fonctionnality records the time spend in a specific area for security or statistical purposes.
Direction Detection Direction Detection
The system may also allow for rules relating to the direction of travel, for example to detect persons going up on a down escalator.
Remote Monitoring Remote Monitoring
IVSA Alerts can be sent locally or to a distant monitoring site.
Counting Counting
A specialization of Object Detection where a count is kept of the number of People objects moving through a certain area (e.g. doorway, gate or corridor) for health and safety or statistical purposes. This mode can easily be extended to cars or other distinguishable objects.
Left Object Left Objet
Left Object detection raises an alarm when an object, such as a suitcase, is left in a controlled region.
Taken Object Taken Object
An alert is raised if an object is taken or moved in the scene.
Lost Signal Lost signal
Generates an alert if a camera is vandalized or the signal is lost.
Build up on your existing systems
Several compagnies and organisations have already spent a lot of money on their analog videosurveillance system.
IVSA system allows you to protect your investments by integrating within the analog systems. Therefore, without having to get rid off the existing systems, you can combine both solution the ancient and the new system. You will then benefit from the exclusive fonctionnalities offered by the IVSA technology.