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Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

With its unpredictability, speed and devastating power, fire is one of the greatest threats to our safety and security.
Our only defense is early detection and instant reaction.

At NUMERIC VISION, our experts installed Fire Alarm and carbon monoxide protection systems provide high tech early warning detection equipment that performs consistently and accurately in critical situations and that you need to safeguard lives and property.

There are many considerations in any required fire system installation, but our experts will match the right system to your application type, building size, and code requirements.

Detect in advance
Statistics clearly show that detection systems drop fire risks in a significant way. In accordance with your activity, your needs or contraints, NUMERIC VISION proposes solutions and equipments in order to prevent and manage the risks :
  • Fire and gas detection;
  • Centralised systems ;
  • Automatic extinction

Entrust us with your security
We custom design systems for every type of location in accordance with its complexity and degree of alarm management.
We will also project manage and install your system, providing a total turnkey solution.