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Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion Alarm

An intrusion alarm system is designed to detect unauthorized intrusion into a home, building or area of a building.
A wide range of control equipment and detection devices can be selected to meet your needs.

Six essential fonctions
  • Data management (central panel) ;
  • Command (keyboard, remote control) ;
  • Detection (movement or contact sensors) ;
  • Dissuasion (external and internal siren) ;
  • Forward alerm (via phone line, internet or GSM) ;
  • Remotely eliminate false alarm via a videosurveillance system.

At Numeric Vision, we take in to account all factors such as layout, environment, application and users when designing an Intrusion system.
The systems we install are extremely user friendly yet provide some of the most advanced options available.
We recognize that appearance is as important as function; therefore, we use wireless systems for any existing home or business so as not to expose wire or damage the walls.

At NUMERIC VISION, we make sure to design a system which matches your demands

Several zones can be defined in order to manage activate and disable the system. In case of alert, the control panel shows the nature of the alert (intrusion, fire) and the location.
  • Warehouse Zone;
  • Office Zone;
  • Entrance ;
  • ...
The system can simultaneously use: a classic phone line (RTC), a permanent internet connexion (Broadband or Dial-up) and/or a GSM/GPRS line. These solutions combined, the alarm system can switch from one connexion to another in order to insure that the system is always operational.

Proactive Maintenance
We have set up, at NUMERIC VISION, technical procedures, check lists and verification of a large amount of alarm system.
The alarm system has to be always functional in order to garantee the security of a site.
A proactive maintenance permits to identify all types of issues and mininises the false alert risks.