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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Security and Video Surveillance
Enhanced security including remote video surveillance has become a major initiative for many organizations including: first responders (police, fire, and medical), military, facility managers, utilities, transportation, border patrol and other security-sensitive organizations involved with homeland security or corporate security.

Developments in high-resolution video cameras, digital video recorders and other technologies allow remote monitoring over an IP network. The challenge faced by these security organizations is how to transmit high bandwidth real time video and other information back to the command and control center.

Remote Management
The ability to monitor remote locations allows security organizations to provide rapidly and cost effectively enhanced security.
The high-resolution video cameras used for real-time surveillance require a reliable high speed IP connection to the control center.

Image Retrieval
Evidence retrieval is easy with a digital network and can considerably reduce the time spent on investigations as well as providing the capability to correlate evidence with other systems. Footage is readily available at the touch of a button without trawling through masses of unnecessary tapes, by using search criteria for a specific time or event.
Development and flexibility
An evolutive system

Our solutions can be easily and quickly extended.

The system evolves with your needs:
New technologies, cameras or storage can be easily added, our solutions are totally based on open standard.

Images quality
Image quality is the most important factor for chosing the right camera.
This is especially true in the surveillance and security areas.
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