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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye open
Who will call the police or fire department when your alarm sounds?
A monitored alarm sends information to our distant station which allows us to contact the authorities. We then make sure that someone is notified when an alarm occurs.
This way you are not left to wonder when you get home or come into work and see that your alarm has gone off.
Without monitoring, you are dependent upon a neighbor or passerby to inform police if an emergency situation occurs.

A 24/7 Security
A common misconception is that residential burglaries are committed in the evening, when in actuality, a majority of burglaries occur during the daytime when homeowners are away at work.

Having an unmonitored alarm is like driving a car without wearing a seatbelt.
The protection is there, just not utilized.
More Efficient
Scene Analisys
Pionneer to accomodate the IVSA technology with a Remote Monitoring Station, we are able to surpass the classic solution provided by the competition.
This solution is recomended to secure outside areas like car parks, large industrial environement, ...

Every second counts
For Businesses, alarm monitoring is an almost absolute necessity.
Commercial intrusion systems not only protect a business and its contents after hours, but they can also offer a certain amount of protection to personnel during business hours with the use of hold-up or panic devices.
These devices silently alert our Operators who quickly dispatch police with the highest priority.
Help is on the way when seconds count