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Access Control

Access Control

Who ?
Where ?
The best way to safeguard your property, personnel, equipment and records is to prevent unauthorized access.

Always know who's accessing your facilities when and where with NUMERIC VISION installed access control.
Access control systems assign varying levels of access to different cardholders based on time of day and/or authority levels.

Added value to your access control
Every access is particular.
How do you manage your access and organize the traffic?
The access control of a bank is different than the one used for a nuclear station, and filtrate 100 persons can be more complex than a 1000. To be efficient, an access control has to be customized.
Business Requirements
Allow "l" the right to get access to the area Z of the company and only at time H. Or detect an intrusion and send an alert.
Which technology to choose?
This business requirements analysis has only one aim : optimize your security while optimizing your investement.


Applications Examples
Access management sofware can keep tracking in order to get statistical report of intrusion, theft, ... Validate all the surveillance point on the first floor of a building by a simple operation.
Synchronous commands can easily be defined allowing automatique management a determined times. Open a door at 9am and close at 5pm.
Synchronous commands can also be set up to work at specified dates or periods. Open a door from the 1st until the 14th day of the month.

No security without user comfort
Allow access in less than half-second
The latest biometric technologies like finger print, hand, facial or eye recognition can be used as inputs for the access control.
The biometric data can be hold directly in a RFID, magnetic or chip card.