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Careers 1.   I have questions about the job application process. Where can I find out more?
You can apply for jobs in the Career Search section. If you have questions during the application process, please refer to our detailed help section.
2.   How do I find out about positions available with Numeric Vision?
Please refer to our Career Opportunities section.
General 1.   Does the change in product packaging reflect any changes in Numeric Vision's products?
No. Numeric Vision's products will remain the same. It is only the product packaging that will be modified.
2.   Why is Numeric Vision changing the product packaging?
We are changing our product packages to help customers do their jobs more easily and efficiently. Our new, standardized product package and label design better serve our customers by presenting information clearly and consistently according to their priorities and needs. The new standardized product packaging design is also helping us align our product brands with the Numeric Vision brand.
3.   What are the key improvements to the product packaging?
The product name and dimensions will be presented prominently on the label. The content layout will be standardized to reflect customers information priorities on the most prominent real estate on the label. Information will be presented clearly and consistently, using recognized symbols to eliminate translation clutter, avoiding abbreviations, and grouping related information together.
4.   Do I have to return the product stock I have?
While the packaging has changed, the products have not. They are still the same quality products you have come to expect from Numeric Vision. We ask that you bear with us while we implement this packaging change to all of our product lines. Please do not return the products in the old packaging that you currently have in stock or may receive shipment of during the change process.
Media 1.   Do you have questions regarding Numeric Vision's media relations?
Please refer to our Newsroom section for answers to your questions.