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Personal Development

Personal Development

At Numeric Vision, we take your career as seriously as you do.

From your very first day on the job, the focus on developing your skills and knowledge begins.

Our thorough induction programme, including the three-day "World of Numeric Vision" familiarisation event, will introduce you to the organisation and start your learning and development with Numeric Vision.

As you settle into your role, detailed development and appraisal systems let you know how you're getting on.

When vacancy arises, we generally look to internal candidates first, so you have the chance to move around within the company and learn about different aspects of the surveillance business.

Throughout your career at Numeric Vision, you will be encouraged to take advantage of training and development courses on everything from communication skills, to managing within the law, to specific technical aspects of the surveillance industry.


We are constantly looking to add to our team of achievers. We need people who can think BIG and work hard.
We are looking for people who believe in themselves and work towards their goals. We are looking for people who know they can make a difference and are desperarate for success.
That's because the values are timeless ones: People, passion, commitment, conviction, integrity, and a focus on customers.