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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

At Numeric Vision, we offer a powerful integrated suite of services to organisations which cannot just be called "consulting services".

Chances are that your organization is facing challenges which will require a unique mixture of diagnostic, consulting and training services to achieve the required outcomes. Some consultants offer a "one approach fits all" solution which attempts to fit the organization to a predetermined solution. We do not.

We ensure that any proposed solution is the result of accurate research and that solutions can be fully integrated into an organisation’s existing system. We also ensure that if needed, the solution incorporates appropriate training to one or more parts of an organisation so that improvements become self- sustaining and the organisation strengthens.

This approach results in demonstrable savings for an organisation in both time and expense. It also ensures that the solution focuses on the root cause of an issue rather than simply addressing the symptom(s).
We are uniquely placed to provide an holistic approach to any organisation. Our consulting aim is to do ourselves out of a job and leave a site more secure than we found it. Our consulting purpose is to help create a knowledge workforce capable of effectively meeting its daily challenges. By partnering with our clients we can ensure that the implemented solutions will improve the security and access control of a site.

Strategic & Operational Planning

Most organisations have not accurately stated their goals. This lack of clarity creates difficulty in articulating and actualising their security strategy. Insufficient planning and coordination create plans that may 'look good' on paper but somehow will never quite produce the expected results.
We assist by correctly capturing your organisation's vision and mission and then formulating an effective strategic plan which is capable of easy implementation and will ensure success in both the short and long term. Along the way we provide knowledge transfer which allows the organisation to take control of this process without assistance in the future.